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Investors and Marketers Use Brand Maps To Identify Breakout Consumer Brands


An AI-powered tool finds new brands and their potential for expansion

Brand Maps are a cutting-edge new solution from Social Standards, the industry leader in turning complicated social data into useful consumer insights. Designed in collaboration with experts in the consumer products, private equity, and investment banking domains, Brand Maps presents a distinctive value proposition to businesses seeking to identify and assess consumer brands.

“The battle for retail sales begins on social platforms before it reaches the store or shelf”, “Traditional data sources can’t always capture the rapid emergence of brands, much less shed light on the audiences and trends that are fueling their growth. Brand Maps bridges this gap, providing timely insights into brand trajectory and consumer interest based on authentic consumer conversations at scale.”

Jordan Breslauer, Head of Product, Social Standards

Brand Maps, which is powered by billions of consumer discussions on social media platforms, highlights rapidly expanding companies and offers in-depth audience profiles. Investment professionals may advise deal sourcing and due diligence, and marketers can more easily spot market share threats with rapid and reliable assessments of consumer interest and market momentum. Brand Maps establish a new, data-driven benchmark for consumer brand assessment, financing, and acquisition procedures.

Leaders in consumer marketing and investment have already embraced Brand Maps because of its special qualities and abilities:

  • Global Brand Profiles is a syndicated SaaS solution covering over 25,000 brands in eight different business segments. Like UPC codes and purchasing panels, it skillfully converts complex social data into useful measures.
  • Data Structuring & Analysis: State-of-the-art AI and language knowledge guarantee accurate, meaningful, and structured social data. The technology gives marketers a clear sense of customer interest by providing growth rate and crucial size information.
  • The exclusive Growth Potential Matrix divides brands into four groups: Leaders, Challengers, Sideliners, and Decliners. It provides dynamic insights on brand trajectories and industry trends and is updated on a regular basis.
  • Behavioral, regional, and demographic insights are all included in integrated audience insights, which are extremely helpful when paired with strategic advice.

“Social Standards delivers unparalleled insights about brands, products, trends, and influencers”, “At Prelude Growth, we consider our partnership with Social Standards to be invaluable as we evaluate the market. We believe that they are a true competitive advantage for the brands they work with.”

Alicia Sontag, Partner, Prelude Growth Partners


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