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Frameplay, the global leader in enabling intrinsic in-game advertising, announced a new partnership with Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content, to become a Verified Solutions Partner. Frameplay has been fully vetted by Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner team, undertaking a comprehensive quality assurance process in compliance with Unity’s technical standards to be certified and made available via the Unity Asset Store.

“Verification by Unity is an important next step in bringing our non-disruptive ad technology to game developers,”
“At Frameplay, our goal is to seamlessly integrate ads into a game’s environment and achieve the balance between the wants and needs of brands, developers, and gamers. Unity’s Verified Solutions badge indicates to developers that they can rely on our solution for compatibility, quality, and scale.”
Jonathon Troughton, Frameplay’s CEO and co-founder.

A collection of businesses known as Verified Solutions Partners for Unity provide an ecosystem of dependable third-party SDKs, plug-ins, editor programs, and other tools. These businesses collaborate with Unity to continuously check performance and compliance with the most recent Unity releases and to assure technical alignment.

Although there are other forms of revenue that don’t interfere with game flow, developers frequently find interstitial adverts tiresome because they interfere with a game’s setting and story. When Frameplay’s intrinsic in-game advertisements are organically integrated into the game, the gaming experience is improved and eye contact with advertisements is guaranteed in a way that authentically engages players and strengthens a bond with the brand. Brand lift studies conducted in collaboration with Comscore and other parties have validated this strategy of not interfering with the game.

“Gamer preference for intrinsic in-game ads is clear,”
“Brands have many ways to advertise to gamers, but intrinsic advertising is the best way to reach them without negatively impacting their experience. Frameplay provides an opportunity to build genuine relationships with consumers through a shared ecosystem, and Unity’s verification lends our technology an extra layer of trust with developers.”
Brian Wilson, Chief Product Officer, Frameplay.

As a significant task force participant, Frameplay most recently contributed to the creation of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) new in-game advertising measurement criteria. The new guidelines make gaming environments distinct from all other digital ad kinds, assist develop precise measurement validation for gaming environments, and highlight the opportunity that in-game advertising presents to brands and marketers.

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