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Force Marketing launches Audience IQ Customer Data Platform to help auto dealers improve customer lifetime value metrics

Force Marketing, an innovative marketing technology company with multiple brands offering the most comprehensive and comprehensive suite of lifecycle marketing solutions for the automotive industry, will launch Audience IQ at the 2023 NADA Show, an event A major part of the auto industry is currently taking place in Dallas, Texas. Audience IQ is a large-scale customer data platform (CDP) that helps auto dealer teams improve the customer experience while increasing marketing effectiveness and advertising ROI.

“We created Audience IQ with the automotive consumer in mind,”
“Over the past seven years, we have invested $14 million to develop and perfect this robust platform that gives auto dealerships a full understanding of customers and their needs, enabling them to provide the best experience for customers and drive sales and service revenue. Our greater vision is to help improve Customer Lifetime Value in automotive, transforming the brand-to-consumer experience with improved communications.”
John Fitzpatrick, president and CEO of Force Marketing.

The Audience IQ platform collects, cleans, manages and analyzes first-party customer data to provide a comprehensive view of automotive customer preferences, behavior and interactions with dealers. Agents can segment customers and send them relevant and personalized communications and offers, thereby strengthening customer relationships and driving loyalty and likelihood. customer retention.

“Audience IQ allows us to track consumer engagements in real-time across personalized direct marketing campaigns, digital advertising channels, social media, CTV and streaming audio platforms,”
“It also increases the consumer buying propensity score prior to them converting into a lead for our dealership personnel to meet the customer exactly where they are in their journey. It’s a win for our dealership and our customers!”
Jason Moore, General Manager, Kia Atlanta South.

The platform tracks all marketing KPIs, lead conversions, and store visits, and provides full end-to-end attribution for every dollar a customer invests in the next mix. their market. This allows the Force Marketing team to review performance and quickly make optimization decisions for agencies to further maximize sales and return on ad spend (ROAS).

“Audience IQ delivers for our dealers by allowing one complete view of the customer from sales to service!”
“We’re able to help our dealer partners drive quick, clear decisions using this intuitive platform together. Having one, trusted system to work within alongside our clients is a game changer in our industry. AiQ makes the relationship we have with our clients aligned and efficient. And there is comfort knowing all our work is done in a private, safe, secure and compliant environment.”
Jessica Rapp, director of client success of Force Marketing.

The many Audience IQ benefits designed into its infrastructure include:

  • Real-time data vulnerability scanning and testing
  • Frequent data penetration testing on all systems
  • Multi-factor Authentication on all systems and points of data access
  • All third-party vendors are vetted for the same compliance levels
  • Enterprise-level phishing and spam protection
  • Frequent user training on documented and tested policies
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