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Flywheel Digital Releases Customer Long-Term Value Solution Based on Amazon Marketing Cloud


Features of the Flywheel Digital Dashboard Private Model on Long-Term Customer Value

Using data from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Flywheel Digital, a top provider of digital commerce services for business brands, today announced the launch of a feature that was jointly developed with Amazon Ads. This tool aids brands in gaining insights into Customer Long Term Value (CLTV).

Technical challenges made measuring CLTV a long-time goal for brands selling to major retailers. In order to create a methodical CLTV solution using AMC, Flywheel Digital worked with solution architects and data scientists at Amazon Ads. Flywheel Digital noticed that AMC had the potential to enable advanced use cases.

New functionality is now available through the Flywheel Digital dashboard as a result of this partnership. With the help of this solution, which makes use of unique queries and the exclusive AMC model Flywheel Digital created, businesses can explore CLTV for their portfolio. Instead of creating intricate SQL queries and conducting manual studies with the raw datasets, brands can do this in a flash. They may now quantify their own special insights, such as how to find the best products. This enables companies to cast a larger net and identify high-value audience categories that may be reached through AMC Audiences in a way that respects users’ privacy. With the help of this development, brands can generate unique, long-term insights that can be used to segment consumers in order to scale their operations.

“Amazon Marketing Cloud helps give Flywheel clients more visibility into their audiences’ shopping patterns and their path to purchase than they were able to ever before”, “This proprietary CLTV solution co-developed with Amazon Ads helps expand the brands’ understanding of their media strategies including sponsored ads uses, Amazon DSP investments, and product selection to maximize downstream sales. This in-depth strategic view will not be possible without utilizing the signals and flexibility allowed by AMC.”

Patrick Miller, Co-Founder, Flywheel Digital

Using measurements produced from Amazon Marketing Cloud, Flywheel Digital is continuing to offer sophisticated measurement for their clients in addition to CLTV. Brands and manufacturers may now observe their consumers’ purchase behaviors more comprehensively thanks to the company’s exclusive customer cohort analysis.


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