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Echoworx Reveals Trends in Email Security Strategies

Leading email encryption provider affirms must-have capabilities sought to further mitigate risk from breaches and data loss.

Intentional and unintentional data breaches in emails are not unusual, and since they are the backbone of communication, organizations need to keep their data protected. Echoworx’s release of a commissioned study conducted on their behalf by Forrester Consulting reveals the evolution of email security strategies and the importance of user experience.

Echoworx provides email encryption solutions that are smarter and more adaptive. Services include eight different email delivery methods and seven authentication options, and it supports 27 languages. Users can send secure emails and ensure the security of all their information from any device.

Actions Planned By Enterprises

User experience is vital to enterprises, but so is increased message security. Enterprises want to upgrade their email security posture without any detrimental effects. The security study found that 63% of the respondents had experienced some type of data breach. Increasing email security is a priority for 77% of the organizations surveyed. Organizations see data protection as the best way to reduce security breaches and increase customer trust.

However, most email protection tools don’t have automation, are not easy to learn, and are too difficult to implement. Investing in better business outcomes is easier with Echoworx, helping make email security resource-friendly. It also reduces employee friction, increases customer trust, and raises buy-in.

Email is difficult to secure. This is because it involves movement and a counterparty recipient, the two factors not usually associated with data. These additional factors create the need for the complex security that is effective and easy to use, improving the user experience.”
Michael Ginsberg, the CEO at Echoworx.

The Echoworx Difference

Better business outcomes require investment, and the Echoworx Encryption platform is customizable and provides security with proven ROI. Slashing on-premises costs is assured through a single platform, accelerated digital delivery, and increased productivity.

Cloud and SaaS adoption has significantly impacted the security strategies of the organizations surveyed for the study, at 81% and 79%, respectively. They are changing the direction and scale of their future strategies and looking for diverse and unique applications for their businesses and consumers, including mobile functionality and multiple authentications.

Joel Brooks, the VP of Operations at Echoworx, recently said, “As organizations expand into public clouds, they need to consider increasing their usage of SaaS systems because these enable them to position themselves and manage their capabilities on a larger scale. SaaS systems allow them to focus internal resources on their business needs, instead of worrying about complex implementation.”

The study gives an unambiguous indication of what users want with questions posed to more than 200 global managers and leaders. These are the people responsible for the email security strategy within their organization, and they know what they expect from a comprehensive program.

Echoworx’s cloud-based managed service just plugs into the existing mail infrastructure of an organization and provides instant deployment. Enterprises don’t need additional software, hardware, or extensive training to support the service. Furthermore, Engagement Managers are assigned to provide technical, project, and account management for each customer, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

Globally, Echoworx is already available in enterprises of varying industries across thirty countries, ensuring them that their business remains theirs as they communicate between their customers, suppliers, and organizations.

Rundown on Echoworx

The company has 1 million users and 5,000 deployments in 30 countries. It maintains a presence in prominent industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, and government. Every security aspect runs through each required audit for AICPA/CICA WebTrust Certification, SOC2 Audit, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, and FSQS. Other certifications include Microsoft and Apple Root Member Certifications.

Echoworx’s customizable and scalable encryption platform is shaping email security, making it easier to share protected information using email from all devices. Their proven ROI demonstrates Echoworx’s commitment to accommodating the evolving digital workforces and connected customers in enterprises. Customers revealed that Echoworx provided them with accelerated digital transformation and simplified the encryption stack, giving them greater self-sufficiency and operational efficiency.


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