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BrightEdge Becomes the First Enterprise SEO Platform with Over 2,000 Customers Leveraging AI


Further Integrating Generative AI into Crucial Marketing Workflows with BrightEdge Copilot

BrightEdge Copilot was introduced by BrightEdge, a leader in organic search, content, and digital automation. Since 2019, thousands of marketers have benefited from its Autopilot technology by being able to automate SEO. Marketers may now communicate with Generative AI directly as an interactive assistant thanks to the release of BrightEdge Copilot. It works with users to develop intriguing, SEO-friendly page titles and descriptions.

“Leading brands understand the enormous potential of Generative AI in enhancing efficiency by conserving time and minimizing costs”, “We’re proud to announce that over two thousand customers are using our AI-driven solutions. In addition, it has been great to see that 85% of new customers have started using our Generative AI innovations within the first 90 days of onboarding. I am excited to see how brands will continue to optimize revenue by harnessing Copilot’s capabilities.”

Jim Yu, Founder and Executive Chairman, BrightEdge

Developing Generative AI from the Ground Up for SEO

BrightEdge has established a legacy of leading innovation in SEO and AI because to its pioneering work in creating its own core data foundations.

DataMind, a potent AI deep-learning engine that quickly spots important digital trends, competitive threats, and market movements in real-time, has been powering BrightEdge’s core platform since 2015. In order to give advertisers access to a personal data analyst, BrightEdge Insights was introduced in 2018.

A year later, the business introduced the only completely automated, self-driving SEO AI solution to the market with BrightEdge Autopilot. Based on a blend of Chat GPT components, Large Language models, and the finest of Data Science, Autopilot has assisted brands in every industry type in improving performance by an average of 65%.

With the launch of BrightEdge Copilot, the company has demonstrated its dedication to bringing Generative AI technologies to all different types of marketers across all sectors of the economy.

Welcome to BrightEdge Copilot.

In a recent poll of over 70% of marketers, having accurate titles and meta descriptions was cited as a top priority, particularly when bridging the gap between SEO and Content workstreams. Additionally, marketing teams devote an average of 5 to 7 hours per week to improving titles and descriptions.

BrightEdge Copilot uses generative AI, which is integrated into its platform, to address this issue.

Important benefits include:
  • Versatility for All Marketers: BrightEdge Copilot offers ready-to-use recommendations for web page optimization for everyone from novice SEO users to experienced digital marketers.
  • Time-Efficiency: With the help of its insightful advice, marketers may sped up workflows and create captivating titles and descriptions that appeal with their target market.
  • BrightEdge and a seamless collaboration Copilot makes it easier for content writers to make title and description changes, ensuring they adhere to SEO best practices without difficulty and encourage greater collaboration.
  • Automation and assistance: By combining BrightEdge Autopilot and Copilot, marketers can take use of cutting-edge automation zero-touch technology while collaborating directly with interactive ‘touch’ Generative AI technology with BrightEdge Copilot.

“The key to success in Generative AI is high-quality data”, “This is exactly why we invested in Data Cube, the industry’s most complete and secure data set. Having a massive and accurate data set is giving us a competitive advantage. And it has allowed us to focus on training and testing outputs to ensure all our innovations are battle-tested for immediate success.”

Albert Gouyet, VP of Operations, BrightEdge

More than 98% of users said it considerably increased their productivity.

“BrightEdge Copilot has been a great resource for me recently”, “It provides well-written and helpful suggestions which allow me to optimize my pages faster and more efficiently. It encourages me to get more work done since it is so easy to use and cuts my workload by a significant amount.”

Carla Suarez, Digital Marketing Specialist, Insurance Company Stewart


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