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Bloomreach Launches In-App Content Blocks, Giving Marketers a New Non-Disruptive Way to Personalize the Mobile App Experience


A new mobile app feature within Bloomreach Engagement, the platform powering infinite e-commerce experiences, was just launched by Bloomreach. It enables advertisers to effortlessly incorporate personalized content within the app without interfering with the customer’s scrolling experience. Bloomreach Engagement offers mobile-based businesses another option to connect with customers through in-app content blocks while enhancing the app experience with real-time user information. Marketers now have another way to provide dynamic, personalized content to their app for a smooth experience catered to each user thanks to omnichannel and first-party data.

Mobile now plays a crucial role in the customer journey. Mobile e-commerce sales in the retail sector alone are anticipated to reach $510 billion in 2023 and $710 billion in 2025. Customers expect their experiences on mobile apps to be personalized and tailored to their tastes, just like they do on other channels. With the use of in-app content blocks, marketers can naturally integrate personalized content into the app without interfering with or changing the scrolling and shopping experiences. Beyond customised in-app messages (pop-ups) or push alerts, this new functionality goes farther. Instead, depending on customer data and preferences, Engagement’s newest feature enables a more natural method to include product recommendations or provide incentives.

An essential part of in-app content blocks is Bloomreach’s built-in customer data engine, which connects to all channels, including mobile apps, and processes and reacts to user behavior in real time. The tailored content adapts automatically as the user scrolls, and segments change in milliseconds as they interact with product sites. Customers may access persistently relevant content and marketers can offer a continuously tailored experience thanks to Bloomreach’s customer data engine.

“Bloomreach has always prioritized meeting shoppers where they are, and with in-app content blocks, marketers are able to seamlessly and organically integrate personalized content into their customers’ mobile experience without disruption”, “In-app content blocks are also an opportunity for Engagement users to optimize their omnichannel strategy by leveraging first-party data and extending the reach of other channels ranging from email to SMS. We look forward to seeing how marketers will take more control over the app experience with this new feature and leverage a new layer of personalization.”

Michal Novovesky, GM and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement


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