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BEE Integrates AI into Email Creation Process with OpenAI-Powered Assistant


BEE’s Visual Design Tools Now Include an OpenAI-Powered Assistant to Boost the Productivity of Content Creators

Leading digital content creation platform BEE Content creation has announced the addition of an OpenAI-powered assistant to its BEE Plugin and BEE Pro products. To enable email marketers to accomplish more with less resources, the integration functions as a personal writing helper. Everyone can create stunning emails and landing sites by doing away with the need to utilise various programmes and enabling easy connection with the personal assistant.

Principal Advantages of the Integration

  • Gain a competitive edge

More than 600 SaaS organisations can easily provide AI writing aid to their end users with the help of BEE Plugin, enhancing their customers’ engagement and overall experience. Iterable, Freshworks, Bloomreach, Optimove, Blueshift,, Splio, and numerous other platforms have integrated BEE’s design tools.

  • Do more, faster

Create engaging, on-brand, high-quality text more quickly and easily with the help of BEE Pro, the company’s comprehensive email and landing page design suite. BEE Pro now offers its over 40,000 monthly active users direct access to a number of AI-powered features.

The AI Assistant, which is initially accessible within the paragraph block, enables users to overcome writer’s block, swiftly draught a new starting paragraph, and gain access to a number of features that speed up and improve the effectiveness of email production. The AI Assistant may also be used to give sales copy a fresh perspective, edit language and spelling, and even come up with variants for A/B testing. The multiple versions can then be effortlessly saved as reusable content blocks using built-in functionality like “Saved rows.”

“We’ve long believed that AI assistants can help content creators do more with less, and so we’re really thrilled to take this first step”, “There are many other ways in which AI can make our visual content creation tools more helpful, so stay tuned for much more to come in this area later this year.”

Massimo Arrigoni, CEO, BEE

Because AI assistants have an immediate and noticeable influence on productivity and because BEE is facilitating client access to its power, their use is expanding quickly among marketing and communication specialists.

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