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Anteriad Leads B2B Marketing Solutions Providers in Data Solutions, Demand Generation and Measurement


B2B Marketers Face Difficulties in Reaching Audiences and Achieving Objectives, Despite Anteriad Earning Top Scores for Customer Satisfaction, According to an Advertiser Perceptions Study

The findings of a study conducted by Anteriad and Advertiser Perceptions to address the complicated needs of B2B marketers were released. Anteriad is a global provider of B2B marketing solutions. According to a survey of B2B marketers and ad agencies, they have difficulties in efficiently reaching audiences and achieving their objectives while being tasked with driving growth.

In terms of demand generation, data solutions, and measurement, respondents who had worked with Anteriad reported that the organisation had delivered the highest levels of satisfaction. In addition, according to Advertiser Perceptions, Anteriad offered much better audience identification, worldwide data coverage, measurement accuracy, and demand generation ROI.

“In our study, Anteriad was described as both ‘innovative’ and ‘trusted’ which is a valuable combination in today’s tough market. Anteriad is highly rated, including for the most important criteria: data accuracy and ability to target audiences.”

Stuart Schneiderman, EVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions

System1 has been named the year’s top global supply partner for Microsoft Advertising.

The results of the Advertiser Perceptions research show the wide range of needs that B2B marketers have in the competitive market of today. While “revenue” is the top objective for marketers, “lead generation,” “lead conversion,” and “brand awareness” are right behind it. It takes a capable partner like Anteriad to build a lead pipeline that generates income and raises awareness.

The study’s results for B2B marketers and agencies include:
  • When choosing a data partner, 91% said that “data accuracy” is the most important factor.
  • 61% state that their #1 requirement from marketing partners is “insights related to my goals/KPIs”.
  • 42% of respondents cite “targeting the right prospects at scale” and “actionable analytics/measurement” as the two biggest problems.
  • In picking a demand generation partner, 93% said that the “quality of leads” is the most important consideration.

“This Advertiser Perception research reveals how important it is for B2B marketers to have a partner to help them hit their goals when faced with today’s challenges and complexity. I am excited about the successes we see customers achieving to get in front of their next best customer faster as they focus on being data-driven.”

Lynn Tornabene, CMO, Anteriad

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