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Will Artificial Intelligence Totally Change The Digital Marketing Industry?

Digital Marketing

Many in the digital marketing community have been questioning how artificial intelligence can permanently alter our profession since the announcement of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022.

Will copywriters and coders, two highly sought-after positions in the digital industry, be replaced?

Will artificial intelligence improve to the point where we won’t require a support staff to respond to consumer questions via email or live chat in the future?

Will we be able to produce all of our content—blog articles, photos, videos, sales pages—completely automatically?

I believe the obvious answer is yes: artificial intelligence will cut and simplify the amount of work we have to do in marketing, and some individuals might lose their job positions. This is because I’ve tested out a lot of AI applications over the previous three months. but not those who are experts in their field.

But first, let’s talk about what artificial intelligence is and how it may be used in marketing.

What is AI 

A subfield of computer science known as artificial intelligence (AI) tries to build robots that are capable of doing activities that traditionally require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, visual perception, decision-making, and language understanding. It’s crucial to remember, though, that AI works best when given the appropriate information and guided by a human in the right direction. This is why I think that in the near future, mastering the art of “prompting” will be crucial for every marketer.

In AI, prompting refers to the procedure of giving the algorithm the appropriate information and direction to make precise predictions or judgements. A huge data set of photographs of cats, as opposed to a small data set of mixed images, will help an AI model that has been trained to recognize images of cats perform better, for instance. Similar to this, if precise information about the target audience, including information about their pain points, preferences, and behaviors, is provided to an AI model used for marketing, it will perform better.

Because of this, even though robots like Chat GPT are set to revolutionize the marketing industry and minimize the amount of labour we have to do each day, they still require the appropriate quantity of data as well as numerous examples of what we expect from them.

For instance, identifying the target market is essential for any effort to be effective in marketing. AI can undoubtedly be helpful in that regard by offering insightful data on the audience, but it cannot take the place of a human’s knowledge of the target market. In order to comprehend the target demographic and develop successful marketing strategies, it is crucial to combine the power of AI with human expertise. Because of this, I think the marketers that can effectively combine their extensive industry expertise with AI capabilities will be the ones best able to produce extraordinarily successful ads with 10 times less effort than their competitors.

Future Developments

The best chatbots available today can compose text, translate languages, make graphics or logos, edit movies, and/or write lines of code. Although many marketers now make use of all of these features, what new ones are on the horizon? Where will AI go next, and how can we easily integrate it into our marketing?

In the next three to five years, I think we will be able to employ AI in four main ways:

Automated Sales and Customer Support Teams

Imagine an AI system that has been integrated with your website or CRM for a few months and has amassed millions of data points from inquiries from customers and responses from your support staff. It should be able to replace a support agent almost entirely, allowing your customer service to be available around-the-clock. Although it will undoubtedly still require some oversight, it ought to be able to respond to all the common inquiries your clients or prospects may have.

Creation of Content

Just picture your YouTube videos being automatically translated into blog posts and published as articles, or your voice being transformed into a podcast and distributed across all of the major podcasting sites. Once artificial intelligence (AI) computers get access to our social media accounts, the potential for content production will probably be nearly limitless.

Website Development

Imagine giving the computer information about our offer, our target market, our preferred colours, and the voice we want to use in our text, and then watching as our sales pages are built in a matter of minutes. Web designers and copywriters may soon be able to do this.

Optimization of Ads

Much if this is already the case and all major social media platforms optimize their advertising based on user interests, AI has the potential to advance this even farther. It’s likely that entering interests and keywords won’t be necessary much longer; instead, the advertising platform will be responsible for matching users with the appropriate material.

Although AI can help with activities like automation and data analysis, it still needs human involvement and strategic direction to be fully effective. In addition, if AI grows more prevalent in the workforce, some jobs could become redundant, necessitating retraining for new positions. Experts in their field, however, will always be in demand because they provide special abilities and viewpoints that AI cannot match. Overall, AI has a bright future, especially for those who learn how to use it effectively.

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