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What ChatGPT Means for Travel Industry Marketing in 2023


Here we’re discussing ChatGPT, the new small-talk tidbit that everyone is raving about. There’s no disputing the hype it’s generated, especially in terms of marketing, whether you’re a devoted user or you reply with a firm “no” when someone asks if you’ve tried it.

Will it make copywriters unnecessary? Will it alter how we produce content? Will it enable us to improve the guest experience, especially when it comes to the travel industry?

The reality is that ChatGPT has the ability to alter how travel and hospitality-based businesses conduct business, despite the fact that we wish we had a crystal ball filled with all the answers. Even yet, this does not necessitate a state of emergency. In fact, at Be Found Online, we’re confident in the potential of ChatGPT for the travel sector.

We’re here to offer information on the subject, so stop doom-scrolling and fretting about the potential damage ChatGPT could have on your brand.

Here’s our opinion if you’re wondering what this AI technology will actually mean for marketing in the tourism sector in 2023.

It’s a fantastic place to start.

Now, don’t expect to hear us complaining about how bad ChatGPT is. It could never impact the way we market our businesses!” Instead, we’ll be up forward and say that using this AI technology is a great approach to set the stage for your marketing.

a brief illustration A hotel chain like yours plans to add three new blog posts each week. Do we advise ChatGPT to develop a comprehensive blog for you? We don’t, and we’ll explain why in a moment. However, you might use this program to create a blog article on which you would later add your company’s twist.

ChatGPT facilitates the content production process by enabling travel and hospitality marketers to generate ideas and get started, rather than by taking over completely. Therefore, turn to ChatGPT to inspire your creativity when you’re stuck on what your audience might be seeking for in your next article.

It cannot, however, become your brand.

Despite the possibility that this technology will alter the way we produce content, its lack of humanity will prevent it from completely replacing your marketing plan.

Seriously. A computer, that is. A machine also doesn’t talk in the same voice as your company. Both fact-checking and your personality are absent from it.

It can swiftly come up with ideas, but it can’t establish your brand, and that’s exactly what makes it possible for you to engage your audience. When you appeal to various emotions, whether you’re trying to motivate or amuse your audience, you might establish a closer connection with them. Although ChatGPT is a useful tool, you are the only one who can genuinely take your marketing to a level that will dramatically accelerate your growth.

Experiences are vital to this sector.

Because it leverages experiential marketing to generate leads, the travel sector is distinctive. ChatGPT, too? It is not based on experience.

In the travel sector, you emphasise the experience you offer when selling a product or service. A picture can only be painted with adjectives, qualifiers, and visuals; three things ChatGPT struggles with.

A successful marketing approach uses storytelling to persuade customers to act on their gut instinct. And regrettably, if you only use the language from ChatGPT, you’ll have trouble selling anything. A computer has a hard time promoting a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

If you already employ AI tools.

ChatGPT isn’t the only AI tool available; despite being the present show’s star. The operation of the travel sector already depends on numerous different AI tools. For instance, visitors to are able to make hotel reservations without speaking to a live person. With a few mouse clicks, users of Skyscanner may find the best airline deals.

However, in spite of these technologies, our marketing strategy is essentially the same; we still need to tell tales, enter our customers’ heads, and appeal to their emotions. We must emphasise the distinctive qualities of our brand, and ChatGPT is not omniscient.

Although it is a novel sort of AI, the travel and hospitality sectors have already used this technology. Additionally, since our sector is experience-based, we must include a human element in all of our marketing collateral. We have to admit that the talks we’ve had with robots haven’t always been exciting, so if we don’t, they’ll fall flat.

The travel industry’s marketing strategy going forward

We’re certain that marketing will survive this ChatGPT frenzy as it has survived market crises, a worldwide pandemic, and the rise of AI copywriting tools like Jasper. Although this technology may eliminate some of the labour-intensive aspects of your marketing initiatives, it does not portend the end of marketing as we now know it.

Lay the groundwork for your marketing with ChatGPT, but don’t forget to emphasise the human factor. Let your experience set you unique because the travel industry is experience-driven. We’ll soon be able to determine which firms rely a little bit too much on their computers and which brands put their unique selling qualities at the forefront of their efforts as new tech tools take the industry by storm. Although we may be biased, we believe you ought to be the latter.

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