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Using Video Content to Generate New Leads


Using Video Content to Generate New Leads

To communicate a message to your audience in marketing, you have a variety of techniques at your disposal. The best tool one could use to promote to their audience is video, with technology at an all-time high and inventiveness second to none.

Utilising video in your marketing plan is crucial for increasing the campaign’s reach. 59% of CEOs have been shown to prefer watching videos to reading text, while a research by Google and Millward Brown Digital found that 70% of B2B clients purchased items that used cross-promotional films.

Additionally, studies have shown that watching videos rather than reading actually helps people retain more information. In other words, it benefits both you and your consumers to keep your viewer interested and informed using simple-to-understand videos.

We’ll demonstrate how to use video marketing to convert prospects into leads with these 3 pointers.

1. When selecting the type of video, take your target audience into account.

It is recommended to first conduct some market research. This will enable you to correctly pinpoint your target market and determine the most efficient strategy to capture their attention. There are many ways to accomplish this, but it’s crucial to recognise their needs and desires.

You can better understand your audience and what kinds of videos will turn those views into leads for your organisation by identifying these two key pieces of information. The ability to create highly targeted videos that generate and save you money in an efficient manner is another advantage of understanding who your audience is.

Having said that, you don’t have to discard any videos you may have made before conducting market research. Instead, you may repurpose them, which means you could make changes to meet the demands of your audience. In this approach, you can avoid spending money on new content development and you can use it to determine whether your market research was thorough before investing additional money in new content creation.

In order for you to select the one that is best for you and your brand, let’s talk about the four types of videos that are necessary for any campaign.

  • Explanation Videos: Educational videos that help viewers comprehend the capabilities of your goods and/or services. Due of its ability to develop potential profiles and leads, this is one of the more popular video formats.
  • Educational videos enable you to raise awareness among your audience. When explaining and highlighting specific issues for which you have a solution, this can be quite powerful. Additionally, it has been employed by numerous businesses to demonstrate to potential customers how their products function in actual settings, lending credibility to the information provided orally.
  • People can see firsthand how your product has assisted others in solving their challenges by watching a testimonial video. Through people living vicariously through storytelling, you are able to establish a trustworthy bond. Additionally, it makes your brand appear to the viewer as a more dependable option going future.
  • Promotional videos can help you reach more people and enhance engagement, conversion, and awareness. In order to maximise leads within your target audience, the video must be both informative and creative.

2. Make use of a lead generation form.

Video is one of the simplest methods for lead generating. You can learn more about your prospects by using what is referred to as a lead generation form and collecting the data that users enter. This will increase the number of leads you have to turn into sales in the future while also enabling you to comprehend who your target market is. Additionally, it will assist you in streamlining your marketing initiatives so that you may profit from your content more readily in the future.

A lead generating form may be added at the start and the end of your video. This will enable your potential consumer to judge whether the product is valuable enough to trade their personal information for.

It should be mentioned that according to a Wistia study, adding lead generation forms 20–30% or 60–70% into your video will result in the highest percentages of conversions.

3. In your videos, clearly state the call to action (CTA).

The best practise is to include a call to action at the conclusion of your video so that the viewer understands what to do after watching it. The CTA will notify your potential lead of the content they just saw as well as what you have to offer. All just the push of a button!

This is why making an incredibly fascinating video isn’t always enough; you also need to consider how to keep your viewers’ attention after they’ve done watching the video.

When done well, customised video suggestions on content sites like Youtube and Vimeo may capture the attention of your potential customers in a matter of seconds and make them completely forget about the video they just viewed on your channel. Although there is fierce competition, it is not impossible.

You may direct their attention to interesting material on your website that helps your brand by simply optimising CTA placements, such as by including the Call To Action at crucial locations throughout. Similar to that, you might point the viewer to your lead generation form, which would eventually result in a prospect.

A CTA in an explainer film that directs viewers to a product tour, a lead capture form, or a freemium link can be used to target potential leads. You might also want to consider incorporating in the URL links that people can use to learn more about your company, your goods and services, and forthcoming sales.

Briefly Summing Up

You must adapt and use technology if you want your company to grow. Videos are one of the best ways for a business to diversify and widen its audience. With these suggestions for using video content for lead generation, you should be able to achieve your objectives in much less time. They can help you establish connections, trust, and awareness with prospects all around the world in only a few minutes.

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