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Trends in Customer Engagement Having an Effect on Marketing Strategies

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Trends in Customer Engagement Having an Effect on Marketing Strategies

The year is going to be entirely centered on digital channels for marketers. In order to lower barriers and reach closer to their customers through a variety of digital channels, marketers across the board intend to raise their budgets for technology solutions. Consequently, the majority of marketers are shifting spending from traditional advertising channels like print, radio, and television to social media, mobile apps, and the creation of owned content like podcasts and videos.

Hyper-personalization: A New Level of Interaction

With cutting-edge AI/ML, hyper-customization can increase personalization by providing each client with more relevant offers and experiences. In 2023, hyper-personalization will become a go-to method for marketers to generate devoted customers.

Each message might seem like a special, one-on-one interaction with clients when hyper-personalization is used as part of engagement efforts. Marketers may guarantee that customers receive the communications they are interested in at the proper day/time across the desired channel by focusing on hyper-personalization, which will promote positive interaction, boost retention, and increase conversion.

Individualized Video Engagement Techniques lead the charge

Since videos maintain viewers’ attention for a longer period of time than static posts, they are more important for marketing. In 2022, over three billion internet users watched a video at least once a month, according to Statista. In 2023, short-form, highly customized video advertising will dominate the marketing landscape.

Although consumers are more likely to interact with material that is shorter than 15 seconds long, marketers have the ability to tailor ads and raise viewer completion rates to an average of 85%. Short, powerful tailored films must be used by marketers to increase engagement and brand visibility.

Video reels on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are effective ways to draw users’ attention. For instance, Instagram has actively improved its algorithm to give video makers more visibility than just static material by giving reels priority. Also, live streaming promises to be an excellent marketing tactic for consumer goods. Live streaming helps prospective customers to communicate with other brand champions, debate a product’s advantages, and make purchases while watching a video when combined with influencers and customized content.

Clairvoyant Chatbots: Predicting Consumer Behavior With AI

The open-source chatbot ChatGPT has already generated a lot of excitement to start the new year. In 2019 and beyond, marketing tactics will be shaped by generative chatbots driven by AI. Why? AI-powered chatbots may be designed to access consumer data from businesses throughout the martech stack thanks to open API designs, which enables them to comprehend the pulse of customers based on their interactions with brands. The only option for chatbots is to develop in order to enhance the consumer experience.

Expect to see more chatbot-driven voice engagements and multichannel campaigns as these technologies develop in sophistication. In order to improve customer experience, brands can use chatbots to study client behavior and forecast their next moves. Chatbots utilize machine learning (ML) to adapt to changing client expectations and provide personalized experiences cost-effectively.

In order to automate simple payments utilising chatbots with built-in data security and information protection, brands have started employing Facebook Messenger or live chat. The data from this short payment process can be used by chatbots to enable conversation-driven, cross-selling, and upselling. Chatbots can confirm payments and provide transaction information, increasing client retention.

Metaverse Goes Real: The Development Of AR And VR

By 2030, virtual reality is expected to increase at a 15% compound annual growth rate, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. 2023 might be the year that it really takes off.

A new 3-D immersive experience may blur the distinction between fact and fiction as the metaverse aims to combine augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and AI. Marketers need to figure out how to take advantage of chances to give customers individualized experiences that engage them and motivate them to act.

For what is to come, a number of instances of mixed experiences have already been provided. For example, “gamevertising” is on the rise. NASCAR debuted their “Next Gen Racecar” on the popular game platform Roblox. Customers can “try on” their preferred items from 3-D catalogues thanks to augmented reality. Several companies, like Poshmark, allow customers to shop online via platforms like Snapchat. Carrefour, a French retailer, allowed customers to shop for the holidays over WhatsApp.

Banks may soon be able to provide consumers who want to visit a bank branch but don’t want to deal with the trouble of driving to a branch with a full 24-hour metaverse banking experience. For instance, voice-based contact centres may soon be replaced with metaverse avatars of bank officials, enabling banks to give customers complete information in real time.

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