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Top 5 Trends for Online Video in 2023

2022 will be a strong year for online video with nearly 93% of global Internet users watching digital video weekly and 50% of internet users in the US watching online video daily. Looking ahead, eMarketer predicts slower overall ad spend in 2023, but it forecasts double-digit growth for short video ads and predicts it will be the fastest-growing ad segment in 2023. With online video consumption increasing and online video expected to grow to attract more ad spend than in previous years, 2023 is the year to make sure you have a strategy in place. Powerful video and the right video partner.

Here’s our list of trends and what we think will be in video streaming in 2023:

Trend 1 – Visibility

Viewability remains one of the most important and most discussed metrics in digital advertising. In 2023, advertisers and marketers will continue to track viewability by shifting more spend to partners who are more likely to meet their viewability goals.

Trend 2 – Balancing digital subscriptions with advertising media models

For many publishers, promoting digital subscribers is now generating diminishing returns and risks losing viewership and associated advertising/monetization opportunities. We expect to see more publishers create tiered content and levels of experience for subscribers by shifting paying customers to more premium services while continuing to focus on traffic growth. Total access for those who don’t want to pay for subscriptions. This will allow publishers to maintain audience size for advertising and other monetization opportunities. Publishers that can capitalize on growing digital ad revenue (especially in video) while maintaining this balance will be able to achieve greater sustainability.

Trend 3 – Self-service

We predict that self-service will be one of the top video trends for online video platforms by 2023. Online video platforms will no longer be the domain of only major publishers. best, as self-service will provide all publishers with easier access to advertising. supports premium online video technology while providing access to premium video content and monetization at scale.

Trend 4 – Programming

Marketers, brands, agency planners, and buyers will continue to increase investment in their program with a 15.2% growth forecast for the program in 2023. (Source: Insider intelligence).

Trend 5 – Video can be bought

Shoppable video expands shopping opportunities by creating a seamless experience between content viewed and advertised in the video player and the ability to buy directly. As we head towards 2023, STN Video has begun to lay out the essentials to capture the opportunities present in each of these trends, whether it’s focusing on visibility, as we did. with the release of an optimized mobile player and improved video. player for AMP pages, unleashing our self-service to allow more publishers to enable video at scale on their sites, creating automation for ADS.TXT file maintenance for Programmatic video or purchasable video development, we offer products to help publishers, content partners, and advertisers maximize their video opportunities.

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