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TikTok Marketing Statistics and Best Practices for 2022

What are some best practices to follow to ensure the resources invested in creating content for this new network have positive results and ROI? This is one of the questions that arise as TikTok marketing becomes the next big thing for businesses planning to increase their brand’s visibility through social media.

The team at Socialinsider recently released a TikTok performance study that revealed a few noteworthy and useful insights that we’ll cover in more detail in order to help social media managers understand to what extent a business can benefit from launching a TikTok account these days.

1. The average TikTok posting frequency for TikTok in 2022 is 20 videos posted by an account per month, and still increasing

After some of the more visionary brands joined TikTok, which has become hugely popular and successful in the platform – such as brands like Duolingo or RedBull – more and more companies are starting to wonder if they can afford to. What can be done to achieve this?

First of all, every business considering joining TikTok should know that on this platform, authenticity and creativity are paramount.

While each brand is clearly unique and each should develop a vision and concept that fits its personality, there are a few tricks that can be combined to optimize the strategy. TikTok marketing.

2. When incorporating a mention, a TikTok video gets a higher view rate

What started out as a network of creators – like Instagram back then – TikTok is a great platform where brands can try to capitalize on influencer marketing.

With a more human approach and content, creators find it easier to connect with TikTok’s user base, making it the perfect excuse to start collaborating.

And speaking of partnerships, for brands already on the platform, the data also indicates that this is a pretty successful tactic for companies investing in TikTok marketing.

With the content audience being the most important KPI in TikTok’s case, it’s important for brands investing in TikTok to remember that when they mention someone, the video’s audience gains value. than.

3. When picking the song for a TikTok video, it’s preferable to choose a trendy song instead of using an original sound

It’s no secret that the main factor when creating a TikTok video is the chosen music. When analyzing the most popular TikTok videos, one of the most notable insights that emerged was that the use of popular songs would increase post-view rates.

In fact, TikTok itself has revealed that the platform’s algorithm recommends videos on a “page for you” based on a variety of factors, such as captions, hashtags, and audio.

Typically, when offering people something they’ve shown interest in – like trending songs, for example, the TikTok algorithm rewards videos that incorporate these elements as it encourages people to users stay on the platform longer and interact with it.

Needless to say, to be a platform that displays content based on topics of interest, keywords and hashtags embedded in captions are also important. One last point to cover – here’s a tip for brands interested in investing in Tiktok marketing from Wave Wild – a TikTok expert:

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