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Three Ways to Make Good Your Wrongful Email Marketing Send!

It has happened before and it can happen again; Your marketing team scheduled an email to be sent at the wrong time or date or with the wrong CTA/link and now you’re wondering what to do to fix the problem.

With all the advancements in marketing that new-age martech has brought, the human element is still very important in aligning campaign objectives, data and messaging, and marketing concepts. When a brand has a long campaign going on (e.g. a month-long campaign to drive webinar sign-ups in about 5 weeks), there will still be room for that bad email to be sent to the wrong person. list of people or with the wrong CTA during this Phase.

Luckily for most people, it’s important to understand that even some of the best marketing teams in the world have gotten their emails wrong at one point or another. But the great part of it is that to overcome this, teams can use their email/marketing automation to quickly deliver the right campaign message with a creative twist.

Here are four ways to make good your wrong email marketing send!

1. A creative apology: focus on a good subject line

Maybe your team sent a reminder email about a “live” webinar session going on an hour before the actual live time. Or maybe your marketing team emailed the same thing, but on the wrong date.

As soon as the marketing team or their manager points out what happened in a recent marketing email, the most important thing is to get the right information back to the right audience at the right time! The quick action here can save the day without affecting audience quality, attendance, or registrants, depending on the goal.

Use creative subject lines like – ”Oops, {First Name}, Excuses for the Gaffe” or ”We Goofed Up, Here’s What You Need to Know”, just a few helpful examples on how to edit email campaigns and send them back to the right people with the right information.

Depending on the error in the email sent in the first place, marketing teams must then (obviously!) reset or modify parts of their email copy to convey the correct information to their target audience. surname.

2. Include a relevant customer contact profile/contact information for your audience to directly reach out to

Your unwarranted email could be from the wrong link, wrong time, wrong event date, or even wrong timed promotion, or it could even be an email sent where the team put the right offer code. suitable for some audiences but not others.

Either way, email recipients may need to contact you immediately, depending on the consequences of incorrect information being sent to them. Depending on the type of error in the message, you should include the relevant customer support/marketing/brand support contact in the “sorry email” so that the recipient can directly ask for clarification if needed.

For high-volume email campaigns or with thousands of recipients, brands need to decide on the type of direct contact (phone/email/chat) or phone number to place so incoming calls/inquiries. Incoming requests don’t have to wait in unnecessarily long lines, thus negatively disrupting the customer experience.

3. Add a value-add because you goofed up!

Your target demographic already receives a tonne of emails and perhaps even calls from brands. Even though you didn’t want to, sending a second email to correct a mistake in the first can cause their inboxes to get even more crowded.

It’s critical to ask: If I need to send an email to the same audience on the same day or just a few minutes after my last email send, how can I do it without upsetting them or crowding their space? Keep in mind that it’s always necessary to maintain a great brand experience and journey.

To begin with, any additional value-add can improve the results of sending a second brand or marketing email on the same day.

End Note: Just Because You Sent the Wrong Marketing Email: It’s Not The End of The World!

Marketers can use campaign mistakes or strategic flaws to be more creative while maximizing results. The basic trick lies in identifying errors/problems earlier in the cycle or journey and solving them at the right time.

Marketing automation tools and martech platforms, primarily the data they contain, must be evaluated regularly and especially immediately after the email is sent for errors (links lead to 404s and many errors). other) can be quickly identified and handled. But marketers of the best variety will prevent this from happening by testing each email sent multiple times before a real email is delivered to a specific data set.

Turning an accident into your brand advantage can really make your prospects and audience smile or laugh without causing any major problems. A little humor and plenty of creativity here can help you establish the right brand connection and marketing despite unwarranted emailing!

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