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Planning and Implementing Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it. This is an old adage that many email marketers should consider carefully before embarking on an email marketing strategy.

Even if it is possible, developing an email marketing strategy, budget, resources, and schedule can be difficult. I prefer to start on the other side, with what the business requires rather than what is possible. It sounds easy and is often the flippant answer of increasing sales, but it’s not always true. So start with a blank canvas and set your company’s short-, medium-, and long-term goals. Sales, sales, and sales may all be the same. In that case, your email marketing strategy is pretty simple. Compose a product-related email and send it to everyone on your list as often as possible. Automate cross-selling in cart abandonment, search abandonment, and sales and shipment notices. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? In practice, however, this approach is only a short-term solution, even if the ultimate goal is to increase sales. Data apathy, data volatility, price alienation, and inventory management mean that this approach, seen in isolation, is unsustainable in the long run.

What should I do then? Because, really, the end goal of all marketing is to sell. We disguise it as brand awareness, customer retention, brand engagement, social media presence, etc., but really all marketing has one goal: increasing long-term revenue. There is So if you accept that you need to plan your email marketing to reach your long-term revenue goals, this is done through a combination of sales and value-added content that attracts and sells your customers. . Essentially, you need to be a trusted source within your inbox. This also poses a challenge, as marketers have an irrational fear of being seen as spammers. In her book, Fear and Self-loathing in Email Marketing, Della Quist writes, “Let’s take a backwards-bending legitimacy of email marketing to stop feeling so guilty about what you haven’t done.” It’s time for reps to stop being seen as spammers.” It’s okay for him to send one email a day, or two if there’s something new and interesting.

To understand how to get the most out of email, you should first consider how your long-term goals will be met.

List growth

Acquire new customers: Increase the number of people you can realistically sell your product or service to. The more people on your list who are similar to others on your list, the better.

Save list. This is like a silver bullet. As she uses customer acquisition tools to grow her list, reduce database abandonment, and lengthen her tenure as a customer, her return on her first CPA increases exponentially.


Automate touchpoints to deliver relevant and timely content, make users aware of special life events, and provide user guides/vlogs/updates for new purchases.

View blocked email automation workflows

Loyalty and Incentive Programs.

Make your users feel special and part of your inner circle.

Targeted communication.

Data segmentation based on generic product offerings. Customize your one-to-many emails with one-to-one marketing tools at your disposal.

One too many sales emails.

Don’t be afraid to email everyone in the branch every time you have something to say. The truth is, you don’t know what you want next, so the idea of ​​one-to-one marketing doesn’t work. It’s okay if you think you want something you’ve seen before. But don’t think that I don’t want something else either, or something else instead.

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