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How to Find and Keep the Best B2B Marketing Talent

B2B Marketing

You may have be aware of the severe labor shortage that is hurting almost every industry in the US. However, let’s look at the results.

The rippling effect includes the fact that recruiting and keeping marketing talent has become much more crucial as a result of the labor crisis. Senior marketers who are in charge of the marketing department workers at their organization need to take notice.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 10 million open positions in the US, but only about 6 million people are looking for work. This, along with a rate of resignation that is significantly higher than it was prior to the pandemic, should give you an idea of how crucial it is for businesses to recruit and keep talent.

This article will discuss the qualities that firms may use to attract and keep B2B talent as well as the areas senior-level marketers should concentrate on.

Promote and give importance to business culture

A company’s shared goals and objectives, as well as the policies and procedures in place to support those values and aspirations, can all be referred to as its culture.

  • The following traits define a positive corporate culture:
  • The employer promotes and aids in employees’ professional and personal development.
  • The business values and appreciates the contribution that each employee makes.

Performance is rewarded by the company.

You may increase the efficiency of your marketing team and enhance the hiring process by concentrating on the culture of the marketing division (and the firm overall).

In the hiring process, company culture is crucial on two fronts.

First of all, a positive workplace culture attracts job searchers to a company. Professionals with exceptional talent and skills are constantly motivated to better their careers. As a result, even as they are looking for a job, they are considering the potential opportunities the position may present in the future.

Second, after talent has been attracted to a company, a positive company culture helps to keep that talent there for many of the same reasons, but also because,

  • Because of the company’s emphasis on teamwork, employees have the chance to perform better than they otherwise would.
  • Insofar as it enables workers to operate in a setting that is both comfortable and effective, the company is flexible.
  • Employees can more easily identify with the firm they work for and feel a feeling of pride since the company’s values align with their own.

The fact that organizational culture is not a private concern is crucial. Instead of being kept a secret, your company’s positive culture should be reflected in your branding and marketing tactics, particularly those of your marketing division. Use movies, social media updates, and blog articles to tell the company’s story.

Use AI to adopt a more precise targeting approach.

When there is a labor scarcity and it is difficult to fill available marketing roles, the temptation may be to use a “casting a wide net” approach. That strategy, however, is more likely to make the issue worse than it is to make it better. Instead, think about concentrating your search.

Consider placing more emphasis on the aptitude, desire, and soft skills that improve the likelihood that a person would outgrow the role and rise in the firm rather than just seeking for marketers with the knowledge and expertise to fill your available position.


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