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How to Build a Successful Video Marketing Strategy and Plan

Over 71% of B2B marketers now incorporate video into their marketing mix. Content Video is a great addition for businesses looking for ways to improve their marketing. Whether you’re already mastering video marketing or just starting out, these tips will help you plan, strategize, and find your topic.

video marketing strategy

know the listener

Buyer personas can be used to better understand and gain insight into what types of videos your viewers want to watch. Insights into buyer persona pain points and goals, along with demographic, behavioral, and psychological characteristics, provide specific insight into what types of videos and focused themes make the most sense. increase. make a plan

Creating a video is difficult without a thorough plan. Start with a video brief outlining your audience, calls to action, delivery channels, hosting sources, estimated/desired length, audio and style considerations, and any special resources required. This information is then used to create a schedule that includes elements for pre-production (eg script), production (eg actual shoot) and post-production (eg editing and publishing).

Data and analysis

Once your video is released, it’s important to understand how well it performs. There is a wide variety of data that can be collected, but here are some of the most important video metrics. view. Video views indicate how many people your video is reaching and what interest it generates. See spikes and drops in your daily views metric and track overall views trends over time. Consider factors related to where each video was promoted, what the topic was, and how long each video was available.

engagement. What was the reaction of people who saw the video? Have you liked, shared, or commented on a post? What is the ratio of “like” clicks to “dislike” clicks on YouTube? Collecting and analyzing engagement serves as the basis for action to increase viewer engagement. View length. It matters how much time someone spends on your video. What percentage of people watch the entire video? At what point do most people drop out? Different target groups and topics require different lengths. Use data to find out what’s right for your audience.

Video marketing goals

All videos should be produced with a clear, documented goal in mind.

Build trust. Value-added videos can keep viewers watching continuously. Any useful video increases credibility. The more your viewers trust you, the more likely they are to consume your content and become buyers.

Drive valuable traffic. Adding a video to your website increases your chances of appearing on the first page of Google by 53x. It also helps visitors stay on your website longer after visiting it once.

impart knowledge. One of the most important aspects of video marketing is helping your audience gain knowledge about your topic, brand, product or service offering. 79% of consumers prefer watching videos over other ways to learn more about products and topics.

Buyer journey videos

Different types of videos are essential for each stage of the buyer journey. Below are some examples of video content you can create and deliver to your audience.


  • Address audience challenges and start building awareness and trust.
  • A short video highlighting your brand’s values, culture and mission
  • thought leadership video
  • Instructional videos addressing common issues


  • Find targeted content that explores alternative solutions and pathways.
  • webinar
  • Promotional video on website
  • Additional videos highlighting your brand and culture


  • Explore key benefits, product comparisons, and results. More detailed instructional video
  • Customer feedback
  • Detailed product demo
  • Personalized videos that tell you directly where the problem lies


  • We show you how you can achieve more.
  • Detailed how-to videos to get the most out of your product/service or techniques to simplify your work
  • Customer-exclusive webinars/videos that provide targeted content that only customers are permitted to use


  • Continuously build a positive brand reputation and community engagement.
  • Additional industry- or topic-specific webinars that provide more information
  • Exclusive content that only the purchaser can see, either for free or as a preview in front of others

Video is an engaging and engaging form of content that can enhance your content marketing strategy and mix. These strategies and tips will help you deliver the most relevant and optimized videos to the audiences that matter most to your business.

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