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Five Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2023


Everything in marketing evolves rapidly, making it difficult to stay up with the most recent trends, channels, and strategies.

Not to mention, by the time you fully understand one concept, it has already changed. Or, occasionally, it’s completely gone. Can you stay on top of TikTok? I can’t. What happened to the audio that would have been perfect for my campaign? Two days ago, it arrived here!

That is challenging, I assume. much more so if you’re attempting to manage it while running a nonprofit.

With particular demands to inform service consumers, find volunteers, aid in fundraising efforts, alter policy, and more. Working in nonprofit marketing has extra difficulties.

What merits our time in 2023, then?

I can’t tell for sure, but I’ve compiled several patterns that CharityComms is noticing that could be worth keeping an eye on.

1. The rebranding train

Naturally, the top of my list is the basis for describing what you do and how you do it.

We’ve seen the trend in attention to branding go huge in 2022, and anticipate this to continue into 2023, from a full redesign name and all to renewing outdated logos and images and integrating causes.

Our Brand Breakfasts and Creative Groups, which draw hundreds of participants, are also experiencing rising interest. It appears to be on people’s minds given the volume of talks regarding identity, images, and all things creative.

This blog will be useful if you want to learn more about the actual experience of a rebrand.

Check out Dan Dufour’s Year in Charity Branding 2022 if you need some motivation.

2. Social service, anyone?

Using social media to communicate directly with consumers is a developing trend in the consumer industry that is anticipated to last until 2023.

Direct messages are being used by more than 25% of marketing professionals to communicate with their clients, and 15% want to begin using them in 2023.

Nevertheless, why? That may be generational, then. According to Hubspot’s study, one-fourth of Gen Z and Millennial consumers have contacted businesses via social media in the last three months.

Given that different industries frequently follow one another in some capacity, it is not a tremendous jump to assume that the charity sector would follow this pattern. Yet, how would this benefit your charity?

If you’re a service provider, you might be able to communicate with your clients directly through social media. Can a campaigning organization interact more personally and immediately with individuals who support them through different channels?

3. Make it brief and pleasant.

The finest is still simple. It seems like short-form videos and TikTok are here to stay, thus rapid and inventive material will never go away. 90% of marketing professionals will continue to use or increase their investment in short-form videos in 2023.

This is not unexpected given that many of us battle with time and have become accustomed to using TikTok and Instagram Reels in our personal lives. So, brief, snappy material not only provides the dopamine rush we all seek, but also delivers it quickly.

Shorter films take less time to make, can help you arrange important messaging more effectively, and frequently don’t require complicated software or extensive video editing abilities, which can be advantageous for charity marketers.

So why not try it out? Divide your three-minute film into six shorter segments to see how well it engages viewers.

4. But also lengthy and grave

In 2023, expect to see an increase in longer-form textual content for websites as a counterbalance to short-form graphics. Examples include case studies, glossaries, and how-to instructions.

This more in-depth and thorough material, which is sometimes referred to as evergreen content, may boost engagement, SEO, and help you establish credibility with your audience.

It’s hardly surprising that case studies will remain popular in 2023 because they are a tried-and-true strategy for spreading awareness of charitable goals and illustrating effect.

If you’re not making the most of case studies, 2023 could be the year to include them into your content marketing strategy.

Check out the DSC’s article on the fundamentals or use our sample case study consent form if you want to learn more about how to create, write, and use case studies.

5. Email marketing keeps the top spot

And last but not least, Email is still the most popular and successful method of marketing for charity.

It continues to enable organisations to reach large audiences with just one click and has been named one of Charity Digital’s top fundraising trends for three years running.

Because there are so many low-cost or even free marketing software solutions available, this year is an excellent time to start if you’re tempted to try something new or tweak your strategy to include this more.

Alternately, if your email marketing plan is producing strong results, you can be sure that this technique is here to stay and shift your focus and resources to other platforms and concepts.

Overall, it appears like 2023 will provide us the chance to tweak our marketing strategy a bit, be creative, and take some (considered) chances.

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