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B2B Email Marketing Design Optimized for Conversions

Email Marketing

We took the time to build subscribers, craft the perfect subject line, and include a clear “to” and “from” to ensure your emails weren’t perceived as spam. You’ve worked hard to create valuable content for your contacts. So how do you convert open rates into conversions?

Creating effective B2B email marketing campaigns requires additional design considerations. Email marketing click-through rates depend on both design and content. Good design encourages people to stop, pay attention and take action.

Consider these key factors before launching your next email campaign.
1. Bold heading

As inboxes become more and more crowded, people are skimming their emails more often. Visually highlight the most important points to help them understand. Boldness can be achieved through font size, color, placement, and background. For maximum effect while maintaining readability, use extra large fonts sparingly and only for very short headings. Relevant and eye-catching images

2. Clear call to action

Specific calls to action tailored to different subscriber interest levels are critical to conversion rates. Click the Read More button to access in-depth posts on thought leadership to help you engage with prospects who are interested but not ready to reach out. “Contact Us for a Free Quote” is intended for those who are ready to convert. Make your messages and calls to action visible as live text to users whose email clients may have automatically enabled image blocking. An effective design clearly presents the conversion button through color, size, and placement.

3. Concise visual layout

Keep the vertical layout width between 500 and 650 pixels and keep the number of content sections below 4 if possible. Too many section designs and CTAs in one email can overwhelm and erode click interest.

4. Mobile size variation

According to, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2023. Many people want to read their emails on the go, so it’s a good idea to consider how your design applies to mobile. The single-column design is great for mobile phones as it’s easy to read even in a narrow view of 320-480 pixels.

5. Easy to read and clickable

Body type should be at least 14 pixels for readability. To achieve these transformations, make sure your buttons are at least 44×44 pixels, and consider stretching them across the column width for easier tapping on mobile.

6. Final call to action

The footer can contain more than just desired preferences and opt-out declarations. Consider adding a final call to action, contact information, or social media links to give your readers a final chance to click.

Email marketing has become an essential tool for B2B companies. Combining the right content strategy with an engaging design can nurture existing relationships and attract new customers.

7. Relevant Eye-catching Imagery

Keep your brand’s color scheme and content in mind when choosing your supporting images. Whether you choose stock photography, icons, illustrations, product photography, or create a custom composition, it’s important that every graphic enhances your message, not overwhelms it. Remember:
Pixelated images do more harm than good. Make sure your graphics are sized appropriately to balance a crisp appearance with a small file size. To achieve a sharp appearance, the size of the retina screen must be doubled. animation

8. Animations

According to Marketing Sherpa, email campaigns centered around GIFs can increase his CTR by 42%. Deliberately implementing animations adds a visual layer to your emails and significantly increases clicks and conversions. Note that although GIF is widely used, it is not compatible with all email clients. For example, some versions of Outlook display only the first frame of a GIF as a static image.

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