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Are Questions Good For SEO?

If your brain is in overdrive the moment you lie down and go to sleep, ask yourself: Stupid things like:
“How many green beans did you see today?” Your brain quickly stops the endless chatter to answer your question. The babbling will resume, but repeating this exercise 3-4 times will give your brain enough stability to get you to sleep. That’s the power of questions. Questions hijack your thought process and reframe your thinking.

Questions are a very human form of connection. They express our boundless curiosity about the world and other people. We greet each other by asking questions (How are you doing?). Start the conversation with a question (What are you thinking?). Most of our decisions are based on internal questions (What if?). They are the connectors that connect us to the world and each other. But the question is is it good for SEO? Let’s put it another way…

…does Google like questions?

Google has a certain enthusiasm for the question now. Evidence of this is the “People Ask Always” field that appears in response to search queries. Yoast SEO Academy’s Fleur Heesen points out that his BERT update in 2019 allowed Google to understand and recognize questions, even if they weren’t worded. I’m here. For example, a list of words like “sugar-free homemade jams” becomes “what can I use instead of sugar in jams?”

Google is now looking for questions to answer. As much as Google loves questions, questions help search engine optimization.

How can I use questions as part of my SEO strategy?

There are many different applications, and each product or service has its own niche questions. Here are some examples that can be useful as part of your SEO strategy.

  • what would you do if i were you? One of the reasons cookbooks are so popular is because chefs ask questions we might never ask. French fries and ice cream? Strawberries and balsamic vinegar? What are the questions your customers haven’t thought about yet?
  • What should I do? This is a gift that will last forever. Create blogs, YouTube videos, step-by-step instructions, and Tik-Tok videos. The key to a successful How Do I? is providing precise, simple, and clear instructions. Solving someone’s problem can lead to lifelong brand loyalty.
  • What is I want a simple, accurate, concise answer, with links to more details if needed. These types of questions should be included in your FAQ, newsletter, or product sheet.
  • which one is the best? It’s a great opportunity to drive engagement on social media platforms. Encourage people to share their experiences with different solutions/products. This question is at the center of many active online forums, with endless discussions and new topics emerging all the time.
Where can I ask questions?

Most questions tend to be hidden in simple websites. If you alert your brain to look for them, they will appear everywhere. Get into the habit of picking them up and storing them for later. However, there are five free resources that can be very helpful in finding the questions people are looking for answers while creating the Natural Archive.

  • google analytics. Use Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms to see the search terms users are using when accessing your site’s internal search options.
  • Ask Google. Just type “questions people ask” before your search topic. Or add your question to a search topic. B. “Method” or simply “Method”.
  • A fun and quirky site where you can enter a term and generate a question that Bing or Google will ask you when you search.
  • conversation. What kind of inquiries do you receive regularly? What are the questions that constantly come up in conversations with customers?
  • Quora This is where the question originates. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a great resource for long tail keywords and infinitely more attractive.
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