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4 Reasons Visual Search is a Top Marketing Trend of 2021


For a lot of years, the phrase “Visual Search Marketing” has been in use. Visual search technology has been used for some time in the search engines of major corporations like Bing, Yahoo, and Google, but it wasn’t until lately that this technology was at a place where it could become a top trend in the field of digital marketing.

We’ll explain the fundamentals of visual search in this blog and explain why it’s poised to overtake all other marketing trends in 2021.

Describe Visual Search.

Simply said, visual search, as opposed to text search, employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist consumers in finding goods using real-world pictures. When someone conducts a visual search, they look for a product using an image instead of having to waste time entering numerous terms into search engines in an effort to find what they are already looking at.

Consider yourself on a nature walk when you come across an animal or flower and wish to know its name. As we all know, it may frequently be very challenging to accurately express what you are experiencing. Instead, you may use Google Lens to take an image of the item. The software will both identify the object and tell you of what you are viewing.

Visual search is becoming a vital part of integrated marketing for a variety of reasons, but the top four are as follows:
The Population Requires It

Why is visual search suddenly, in 2021, a top trend when it has been around for a while? There is an easy solution. More than any other new technology, visual search capabilities are appealing to Millennial and Generation Z customers. The ability to visually browse for things online is actually desired by 62% of Millennials. With Generation Z accounting for $44 billion in purchasing power and Millennial consumers representing over 30% of all retail sales, it’s critical that marketing trends closely reflect these generational patterns.

Statistical Achievement

Around 2017, when Pinterest launched Lens, a groundbreaking camera search that suggests ideas based on items you see in the real world, visual search became widely accepted. Since its debut in 2017, Pinterest’s Lens has been able to identify 2.5 billion household and fashion items. Since its launch, The Lens has greatly increased searches on Pinterest’s mobile app and browser to over 600 million, a 140% increase.

Competition Encourages Creativity

It didn’t take other industry titans like Bing and Google long to enter the visual search arena when Pinterest debuted Lens in 2017. Google offered their own app to users just two years later. After being in beta testing since 2018, Snapchat soon after made its visual search platform available to the public.

Due to the intense competition among these businesses, visual search capabilities will undoubtedly undergo another significant increase in the not too distant future. Visual search has raised the bar for user experience and will continue to do so.

New Technology Inspiration

Visual mapping is a close relative of visual search. Visual mapping combines the technology of visual search with augmented reality technology, albeit it is not precisely the same as the traditional visual search. Google Live-View, the first of its type, overlays 3D walking directions on smartphones and enables users to view their actual location on the street. When Google developed Live-View, they combined visual search skills with augmented reality technology to provide users the ability to learn more about the surroundings as they moved along their route.

Visual search marketing appears to be growing in acceptance. As the concept gains traction among younger generations, more businesses are using various facets of visual search into their marketing strategies.

We’ll keep delving into the world of visual search marketing. We’ll cover how visual search marketing is helping e-commerce companies overcome obstacles and how many have already seen gains in sales as a result of visual search capabilities in our upcoming blog.

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