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Easy ways to incorporate video into your ecommerce strategy

Incorporating the right video into your online content, whether it’s your homepage, service page, social media or blog, can have a significant impact.

However, the average business owner doesn’t understand how to embed video, why video integration is important, or the long-term benefits of this approach. We have all your questions about embedding product videos answered below.

1. Embed shoppable videos in your social media

Shoppable videos make it easy for customers to go from watching a short video to making a purchase. Strategically placed eCommerce shopping videos added to your social media feed from Facebook (Meta) to TikTok, Instagram and more help you quickly and easily understand price recommendations value, then move on to buying one or more items.

Meta and TikTok videos can be integrated directly into Shopify, accelerating conversions through the sales funnel. Shoppable videos can also be hosted natively on an e-commerce site, although this method requires more effort.

Shoppable videos embedded in social media today resemble the banners and buttons featured on YouTube as the site grows. Above all, focus on creating compelling video content and you’ll drive your audience to click on elements of the video. If your purchasable videos on traditional social media platforms aren’t delivering the results you want, consider implementing purchasable videos in live streams, such as videos featured on Twitch. Shoppable live videos on Twitch and YouTube make selling products in real-time surprisingly easy.

A shoppable video that underperforms will also benefit from a call to action that guides the audience to take action through page visits and purchases. Experiment with different buyable video assets and strategic placements on unique platforms, evaluate the results and make adjustments as needed.

2. Embed intro video

Most people are visual learners, which means they are more likely to understand how something works by watching someone else demonstrate it. Instead of typing a wall of text to explain the value of your offering, incorporate video tutorials into your eCommerce strategy. Refer a company employee or even a satisfied customer who testifies to the usefulness and ease of use of the product.

Embed intro videos and testimonials on your website and social media to reach your target audience and leave a meaningful impression. Most importantly, introduce demo videos on product pages so that your audience understands how to use the product.

3. Choose one or more influencers for video content

It is increasingly common for companies to harness the social power of influencers. Find popular social media platforms for people using your product/service and reach out to them. If you include a social media influencer or content creator in your group, ask them to post an intro or how-to video on their page and it won’t take long to get traffic online. your increase.

Social influencer marketing is even more effective when carefully selected individuals create their own personalized videos showcasing your products or services. Have your internal marketing team or external inbound marketing experts review video content created by influencers before going live, making sure it represents core values. the core of your brand.

Even subtle product placement in a secret social media marketing video can affect your website influencer’s audience, especially if a reference to a product or service is made. appears within the first 15 seconds of posting a video, which is when most likely paying viewers notice it. . Compare the cost of hiring a part-time social media influencer or group of such influencers with more traditional methods of offshore advertising.

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