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10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing

More than 319 billion emails are sent daily, according to figures from 2021. People frequently check their inboxes for new messages, whether for personal or work purposes. When deciding which digital marketing strategies to use for your company, this opens up a tonne of possibility.

Email marketing is a potent tool for communicating important messages about company initiatives and for establishing and enhancing your relationships with customers. Email marketing has really demonstrated to produce the highest ROI (up to 3380%) when compared to other digital marketing initiatives. Given the potential, it’s crucial to properly set up and launch your email campaigns. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started:

Don’t send too many emails

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the more the merrier?” This might be the case in some situations, but not with regard to your email campaigns. Flooding your consumers’ inboxes is the last thing you want to do while trying to drive conversions. This will almost always lead to a larger rate of unsubscribes than anything else. Always remember to put yourself in your audience’s shoes while sending emails, whether you’re introducing yourself, following up on abandoned carts, updating your company, or pushing a promotion.

Recall to Clean Up Your Lists

A clean contact list is the best thing you can have for email marketing. Cleaning up your lists is a terrific approach to guarantee that your efforts are successful. This entails removing any inactive audience members as well as any spammy email addresses or addresses with errors. Since most email platforms charge you based on the size of your audience, doing this can help you keep your marketing expenses to a minimum. Curating a small, highly engaged list will lower your costs and increase ROI.

Any email addresses that give you a hard bounce will actually be automatically removed from your list by some email marketing services. You may tailor your messaging to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer by deleting disengaged contacts. This will enhance engagement while also lowering your marketing expenses.

Utilise Audience Segmentation and Tagging to Your Advantage

You can segment and tag your audiences with ease on the majority of contemporary email marketing platforms. This not only helps you stay organised and compliant, but it also makes it easier to provide tailored, personalised material rather than generic emails. There are countless ways to segment your audience, and doing so will help you understand their demographics, purchasing patterns, needs, etc. In this manner, you can work less and spend less money while still getting the desired results.

Clearly state your unsubscribe options

There will always be those who decide they no longer want to receive your emails and unsubscribe from any email marketing campaign. In order to establish the legitimacy of your brand and demonstrate your concern for your clients, it is crucial to make this option evident to your audience. This is not only a common practise in email marketing, but it is also mandated by CASL, Canada’s anti-spam law. Both the email’s header and footer contain a link to this option. Prior to sending your email, make sure the unsubscribe link is operational.

Give preferences to your audience

It’s not always the case that your contacts desire to stop communicating with you totally just because they don’t want to receive a specific email. Bring your clients to a landing page so they can confirm which lists they want to unsubscribe from if you send out several mailings. They might, for instance, still want to learn about business developments even when they no longer want to receive promotional emails. It’s crucial to convey to your audience that they have the option of receiving marketing emails or not. Your audience will remain interested and feel in control if you give them the chance to express their preferences.

Always remember CASL

You must always abide with CASL while promoting and sending out electronic materials. If you don’t, your email account can be suspended or, in extreme situations, you might face legal repercussions. A great method to avoid problems is to maintain a clean email list within your email marketing platform. To prevent reimporting unsubscribed addresses, constantly update your contacts whenever you add new ones.

Focus on Your Content

Limit the amount of content you use. Make sure your audience understands the purpose of each email you send by having a clear goal in mind. Make sure the deal is obvious in the subject line, headline and make sure there is a direct link to the sale page if the objective is to sell a new product. To track success, don’t forget to use UTM codes!

Maintain a Q/A Checklist

When developing a new campaign, it’s simple for details to get overlooked. When reviewing campaigns before sending, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for errors. For instance, is the segment to whom the email is being sent correct? Are the links to unsubscribe active? Every link has a UTM code, right? Work all the pictures? Does the draught look nice in both light and dark modes on a desktop and on a mobile device? It is crucial to double-check vital details before sending an email because there is a lot of potential money from a single message and your brand’s reputation to take into account.

Improve the Send Schedule

Your email’s success will rely on the time of day it is delivered, just like social media posts do. It makes sense to forgo the normal “9 to 5” work hours if you want the email to attract an individual’s full attention since so many work emails are sent back and forth throughout the day. Sending the message out before work (6 or 7 AM) or after work (between 6 and 9 PM) is preferable. Aim to optimise for the time zone where the majority of your clients are located.

You can always obtain this information from your email platform or Google Analytics if you are unsure. You may schedule your postings on the newest email marketing platforms so you can set them and forget them. By doing this, you can avoid having to get up at 5:30 AM and rush to send your email.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

You wish to share the results of your email’s success now that it has been sent. How many people clicked on it? Have any subscribers left? How much money did you make? Establish reasonable target objectives so you may assess your development in relation to industry standards. Depending on the platform you choose, the reporting tools will give you useful details about your individual campaigns as well as comparison statistics to help you gauge success and keep tabs on your objectives.

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