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6 Tech Trends That Have Made a Positive Impact in the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is an integral part of almost any business these days. Moreover, it’s the advanced technology that is giving shape to new digital marketing strategies. Although the idea is the same, it’s how you market your brand that makes a difference in the minds of the target audience. While some may still resort to SMS and email marketing, most companies focus on implementing the latest tech to make their marketing campaigns different.

Here are a few tech trends that experts believe will have a positive influence on digital marketing in 2022”

6 Tech Trends That Have Made a Positive Impact in the Digital Marketing Industry

Long-tail keywords are slowly becoming a thing of the past now. With voice search, you don’t have to type the full search term on your mobile, tablet, or laptop. Instead, you can use voice search to find the product or service you need. For example, you want to hire a landscaping expert in your locality. You use the voice search option on your mobile’s search engine to say “best landscaping companies near me.” If the websites of the landscaping companies around you have voice search integrated, they would instantly appear on the first page of the search engine. That’s the difference voice search can make for businesses.

2. Data analytics

How do you think digital marketing experts figure out which campaign to target next? It’s through your website’s performance. How do they assess the performance of your website? It’s by using data analytic tools. These tools give digital marketers a complete overview of your recent marketing campaigns. They have to deal with a lot of data, including the favorite products of customers and their buying behaviors.

An effective marketing campaign depends on how well the digital marketers analyze the data of your marketing campaigns. According to the trends in 2022, predictive data, flexible datasets, hybrid computing, and edge computing will become crucial parts of data analysis. You would also see a growth in the use of augmented analytics, data visualization tools, and engineered decision analytics for business management, insights and automation, and better decision-making.

3. Social media marketing

It’s almost impossible to keep social media and digital marketing apart. Experts believe that 2022 will also be a glorious year for social media marketing, especially with the new technologies that the platforms are introducing lately. Podcasts, live streaming, reels, and stories are now more popular than ever.

Digital marketing experts are always on the lookout for new trends on social media. For example, reels are now the top priority of most companies, According to digital marketing companies, reels are better than stories because they stay in your profile even after 24 hours. On the other hand, stories automatically get deleted 24 hours after you upload the posts. Brands that want customers to follow their posts over a long period are now using reels more often than stories.

4. AI and chatbots

Conversation AI is the latest buzz among digital marketers. AI-powered chatbots provide instant responses to customer queries. The whole point of using digital marketing is to ensure that more people know about your brand. Chatbots provide a new way to your target audience to know about your company. They can ask various questions that the chatbot would answer immediately.

The trick to making this strategy work is to figure out the questions that your audience may ask. You can prepare a questionnaire based on the questions that you think your audience is most likely to ask about your company’s products and services. Your next job is to feed the relevant answers to the chatbot so that they recognize the questions instantly and provide the answers. Many companies are also using chatbots for customer support. This is also an excellent strategy to help customers. If you focus on customer service, your customers may show their loyalty by sticking to your brand.

5. Video marketing

Videos still remain a powerful marketing tool even in 2022. Experts think that it’s the audio-visual effect and the ability to touch the emotions of the audience that makes this marketing strategy so effective. But making a video is tricky. You need to be sure that the video doesn’t hurt the sentiments of anyone or demean any religious beliefs.

Ads on social media or video streaming platforms work wonders. They instantly grab the attention of the audience, especially if they are looking for similar products. The crucial part of this trend is to narrow down the age group, gender, and geography of your audience. What works for one set of audience may not work for another. For example, you may make an ad for youngsters, but it may not be suitable for senior citizens as they may not be able to relate to the ad. Therefore, you need to first prioritize your audience to make your marketing campaign successful.

6. Long-form content

While reels and stories still remain relevant, long-form content is slowly grabbing the attention of people. With the pandemic allowing more people to work from home, they now have the time to read stuff that they would otherwise not read because they didn’t have time. That is why long-form content is gradually becoming the new trend in 2022.

1000-word or even 5000-word articles are now getting more hits than ever. Even if you have beginner digital marketing skills, you can still capitalise on scripting and posting good content. When the audience has time, they usually don’t mind going through long articles, especially if they are full of infographics and pictures. Suppose you come across a book that contains informative articles that would help you in your daily activities. The book contains explanatory pictures. Wouldn’t you want to read it if you have time? It’s quite similar to long-form content.

The strategy to become successful with long-form content is to keep it compact. Beating around the bush may not help. Your viewers would eventually get tired of reading things that don’t lead to anything concrete. Therefore, always keep an eye on what you write.

Technology undoubtedly influences digital marketing these days. From promoting your brand to checking the analytics of your last marketing campaign, technology is everywhere. It’s how you use it that will decide how quickly your business grows.

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